House, food, life…..

Basic information

The house has 4 bedrooms: 3 with double/queen beds and one for me. I prefer renting a 7 person van so that means no more than 5 guests in the house.

We will be marketing European style day to day.

Individually, each guest is responsible for their breakfast and lunch, although we are often out and about and stop in cafes or restaurants or picnic.

If you want, we can pool our resources and cook a big dinner, or you can make your own, or we can go out.

I do not cook for you…..but I will cook with you !

We will go to “Market days” in many of the adjoining villages for fun and supplies.

Not to worry, there is access to “regular” supermarkets not too far away.

Even though food and wine are not included in the cost of your stay, we can share ;-}


You can get Euros with your ATM card (remember to bring a debit card ) from almost all machines and the rates are pretty good. There are issues now with cards that have a chip which we do not commonly have here in the USA. Check with your bank and see if they can give you one with a chip and a pin.

Weather and Clothing

The average temperature is about 80 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, and cools off at night. Bring a sweater and an umbrella, just in case.

I typically wear capris, long pants or a skirt and T-shirts everywhere….sometimes a sundress. You only see young people and tourists in shorts of any kind. Some of our walks require something stronger than flip flops, but I wear strong sandals most of the time and they are fine.

There is a washing machine…..and it is very dry there. Clothes dry on the line very quickly.