Themed Tours

If you come with a group of friends you can decide what you want to do together. Here are some examples :

1. Castles……all kinds.

2. Gardens

3. If you are painters or sketchers…….we will go looking for scenery

4. It you are wine enthusiasts we will go to St. Emilion and we will go to many wine tastings and the wine museum in Bergerac. Did you know that St. Exupery who wrote The Little Prince was from this area and his family has a winery where you can visit and buy wine on the grounds of the countess of St. Exupery.

5. Architecture…..Roman churches etc…..


You just come along with me and I will show you a bit of everything including the Caves of Lascaux, Les Milandes – the castle of Josephine Baker – did you know she was a spy and worked for the French government against the Nazis ? ┬áThe Museum of Medieval War ……